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In 1997 Norbert Diamant and Markus Haller founded Diamant’s Quality Products as a research and development orientated food company dedicated to the highest quality when manufacturing delicious healthy food.
The well being of customers and consumers is top priority for Diamant’s Quality Products thus the focus is on wholesome food coupled with service and integrity.

Norbert Diamant, originally from Canada, is a pharmacologist who is dedicated to researching the beneficial effects of food. Norbert previously made a valuable contribution to the research of foods that reduce cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular disease. On this basis the Company was founded and Norbert is therefore in a position to vouch for the health benefits and wholesomeness of the food produced by Diamant’s Quality Products.

The Company’s first research was in fish containing Omega3, which is known for its significance in preventing cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis and depression, amongst other qualities that enhance health. This research led Diamant’s Quality Products to initially develop a range of smoked salmon, herring and anchovy products.







Markus Haller is an Executive Chef from Switzerland and his main responsibility is to ensure that all the products adhere to an internationally high standard of taste and presentation.

Diamant’s Quality Products cares for its customers and is therefore constantly enhancing existing products and developing new products in order to suit customers’ needs and wants. Now customers can enjoy the first Kosher for Passover
Mustard-less mustard, called:
You’d Think it’s Mustard.
This is complemented by other Kosher for Passover products such as local Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Sweeteners and Potato Starch. These local innovations are far less expensive than the imported options. In addition a large range of smoked and jarred salmon and herrings are available for Kosher for Passover.

Other world first products from Diamant’s Quality Products include:
Smoked Salmon Spread:
Made from 100% pure smoked salmon with an ambient shelf life of 1 year.
Smoked Snoek Spread:
Made from 100% pure smoked snoek with an ambient shelf life of 1 year.
Cape Malay Pickled Fish (in a jar):
Made from an original Cape Malay recipe with an ambient shelf life of 1 year.

Other tantalizing and nutritious products include:
fat free Smoothies and CafeGlacé, which is a blended iced coffee that turns the ice into ice cream without gritty icy residue left in the glass. It is the thickest and most creamy fat free blended iced coffee on the market. Its taste and texture resembles the way the original iced coffee is made, as if it is made with real ice cream and cream.

Diamant's Quality Products’ concern extends beyond its customers to its community as a whole. Therefore there is a Social and Economic Responsibility Policy at the Company that promotes creating jobs for previously disadvantaged unskilled workers. This initiative helps people to acquire new skills as well as build pride in their work. In line with the Policy, the Company also donates and provides food aids to various charities and community projects.

Starting with its own local community the ambition, translated to the mission statement of Diamant's Quality Products is that very soon "every table in the world will have delicacies from Diamant's Quality Products, consistent with quality, service, integrity and wholesomeness laid on it".

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